Hello, my name is Younes, I am 20 years old and I’m a professional dancer ( ballet and contemporary). At the age of 17 right after my 3 years of sport study program at the National Superior School of dance of Marseille and after my selection at 2017 Prix de Lausanne , I left France and went to Amsterdam ( Netherlands ) for one year to study and finish my last year of training at the Dutch National Ballet Academy . When I was 18 , I got my first professional contract with a dance ballet company in Atlanta in the United States. At 19 I flew to the French West Indies to try out the « GO dancer » experience at Club Med of la Caravelle. And personally as a Club Med Artist, what I would like to offer to GMs would be introductory courses in ballet / contemporary and jazz styles or even stretching / barre à terre classes as well as performances like solos that are mixing ballet and contemporary. .

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