A mischievous and poetic magician, Willow is also a balloon artist. His acts offered him several TV shows and numerous awards. Balloons Cabaret is his signature with twisted balloons, a delirium of colors and original characters.

His latest creation, B-Bird, is a thrue visual magical poem.

He is today a recognized international artist, who has performed in Tunisia, Armenia, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg and Japan. Awarded at the French Magic Championships, in several categories : " magic for children "," general magic "and" creation "; Willow knows how to create the magic that makes every one of us dream ... all generations .

We can only suggest you to discover his world, and appreciate his talent for any show, family or commercial events.

Professional since 2002, he created many shows, intended for children, for birthdays or Christmas parties. For adult , his experience allows him today to offer a multitude of acts, both funny and magic.

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