Two Of Us
Two Of Us
Two Of Us

"Two of us" is a cover acoustic band who play the greatest hits since 60's to 2017 !

Our playlist is pop, rock, groove, internationals and french songs. (Radiohead, Beatles, Prince, Jackson, Bruno Mars, Daft punk, Marvin gaye...)
With an easy backline, we don't use drum but a set percussion (with a cajon). So we can adapt the sound and the setlist to each place you want us to play. From the big dansefloor to the private room !. With a lot of skill, and a great voice ! Our international public use to say to us:"you're awesome" :) !
We can play with 2, 3, 4 musiciens.
You want a song from your favorite artist ? Ask us ! I'm sur we can do this ! You want to sing ? Come on the stage with us !
We play for the club med since 2009. Always a success ! We never failed !

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