As a close-up magician, I thoroughly enjoy the direct contact with people. The way I see it, I build a relationship with them, a relationship that passes through stages. From my complicit in the trick, to sympathy and empathy: I always create a relationship during my performances and, in doing so, leave my mark.

My strength lies in the use of non-trickery materials, as my specialization is in cards and coins. I pride myself in my ability to perform difficult and demanding tricks, and impressing an audience with my slight of hand.

I also like to give children a strong experience through the transmission of my knowledge and therefore initiations suitable for all ages !

I speak English and I have the capacity to adapt to any kind of audience. The atmosphere at Club Med provides an excellent opportunity for me to put a non-forced, relaxed relationship in place with impressed audiences.

Looking forward to add sparkle to your evenings!

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