sandrine seubille
sandrine seubille
sandrine seubille

Sandrine lives in Paris and is a famous artist . Singer in "Moulin Rouge" during few years, She is a multidisciplinary artist as we can see in Broadway !!
Actress singer and dancer, she plays for several years in the great musicals of Paris: Chicago, The Ball of the vampires, Les Misérables, Fame, A Violin on the Roof ..... she works with famous artists in France : Michel Legrand, Roman Polanski, Jerome Savary .....
In 2019, she is the teatcher of musical singing of the famous "Cours Florent" and Mogador Theater in Paris.
For Club Med, her band plays jazz standards, and French and International varieties.
She usally sings with a musical trio singer, piano and saxophone. But sometimes she can sings with an another artist Orlando Louis.
The music is for an elegant clientele in a chic and relaxed atmosphere.

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