Laurent Maistret
Laurent Maistret
Laurent Maistret

Laurent started dancing at the age of 16 with hip-hop and began performing and battling Dances quickly.
At the age of 20, he discovers and is passionate about salsa and decides to make it his job then enters many groups of Salsa to perform and competitions (Winner of the Battle of the Titans of salsa).
At the age of 23, Laurent passes his salsa diploma in Puerto Rico with Éddie Torres, founder and creator of the New York Style style and teaches classes and workshops around the world (Japan, New York, Puerto Rico, etc.)
Laurent is starting to be a Club Med Artist and has been giving classes for the Club for 14 years.
Laurent Maistret became known to the general public in 2011 by participating in the show Koh Lanta: Raja Ampat (season 11), where he failed the doors of the final on the test of posts. In order to take his revenge, he decided in 2014 to participate again in Koh-Lanta: the new edition, from which he emerged victorious.
In the fall of 2016.

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