La Fée des Arts
La Fée des Arts
La Fée des Arts

With Valérie, everything is possible with balloons!

Simpler with most complex, she brings to life lost of decors, scenes, receptions....
Recognized artist in the balloon world, Valerie is a CBA (Certified Balloon Artist), allowing her to work in many european teams of ballon artists (France, Belgium, Swiss, Spain...) and to realize oversized decors ( world record of the biggest balloon maze in 2015, surface area of 560 m2 with 100 000 balloons!)

But her talent doesn't stop there. She runs workshops of balloon twisting, face painting, giant wooden games....for the pleasure of young and old!

Accustomed to Club Meds for several year, "La Fée des Arts" will bring originality, good humor and quality animations...

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