Singer & DJ, author, composer and dancer.I practice dance until 6 yers old ,I grow up in a fairly eclectic musical culture:
the trumpet of Mills Davis, the voice of Barbara Streisand, the poetry of Claude Nougaro, the genius of Stevie Wonder and the talent of Beyonce.
My work, allowed me to integrate great musical show: Années Twist, Années Zazou, Hair, Zorro, as TV shows, chorist for famous artists, work in the studio, as in radio....
My references: La Fureur (Arthur)Les Années tubes (Jean Pierre Foucault), ITV Italia Top of the Pop, Benjamin Diamond (backing vocals)
Voice over: Panache, Mc Do, King Merlin, Voice Movie: The series "Borgia" Canal +, "You will live my daughter" My Album: Organic
Today I am a DJ and singer: I mix and sing in live: generalist: soul, pop, house,bossa,deep-house,jazz,funk, disco, dance.
I also produce and sing in the show "Amy Winehouse Tribute".

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