I am a painter, illustrator and writer.
After a diploma of Swim master I do a School of Art History then I enter the ENSAD in Paris.
I became a member of Banlieue Banlieue from 1984 to 1989, pioneering group of streetart in France.
Since 1989, my works are exhibited in France and abroad: painted walls, paintings, engravings, sandblasted glasses, skariphotos, art postal and art review.
From 1995 to 2007, parallel to my work as a painter, I draw for Liberation and Le Monde.
I have published 6 artist books, 10 youth books, 3 novels (L'annonce faite à Joseph, La touffe sublime, L'île du toupet) as well as 2 plays : Animalamlet and Galoufa.

For ten years I have been a live digital painting performer during musical shows.
Finally, I accompany management teams or R & D as a consultant in innovation and creativity.

ClubMed2 : 8 Transatlantiques where I host a "Travel book" workshop and public readings of works of art

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