Juggler, magician, acrobat, tightrope walker,
Mr Zigotto can do everything,
well.. almost!
A family show where this funny and
endearing clown takes you to another
universe where he often faces problems
that can only be solved by children..

A show for all ages..
Anywhere, anytime and interactive.
Ideal for schools, staff entertainment, holiday centers,
More than 800 performances throughout France and the

Alex Nogier in « real life»
• Professional actor, in 1995 he set up the
« Compagnie Baluchon », a troupe of live
• Teacher at the LIDO circus school in
Toulouse, France.
• Founder of the « Abracadaboum » circus
school in Saint Girons, France.
• Passionate circus performer for 20 years,
licensed by the State, he runs
circus-themed projects in schools.
For further information..
When Globule reaches for his bundle..
For more than 20 years, his big old boots have been
taking this globe-trotting clown to the four corners of
the earth, bringing instant laughte

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