Fusion Pilou et Saléna
Fusion Pilou et Saléna
Fusion Pilou et Saléna

Fusion, Pilou and Saléna are two dancers of different universes, gathered around a single passion "the dance".
They decided to form the duo "Fusion" given their very different style and love that they share with one for the another.
The goal being to form one in life as in dance ... They inspire each other and have a philosophy "dance with your heart".

Course 2013-…… :

- 2nd place (finalist) at Belgium's Got Talent

- La France a un incroyable talent

- 6th at the European Championship IDO Show Dance.

- 1st place in the "WDC League Open World Championships" Paris

- 1st place "British Professional Invitation Exhibition" Blackpool England

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