After having created a sensation around the world… from Montreal to Saint Petersburg via Beijing, Edinburgh and Paris..

After having amazed, bowled over and roused all the nationalities of the globe with their very first show, the Incredible Drum Show…
… Fills Monkey are back in Paris with a new exhilarating show: “We Will Drum You”.

1 hour and 30 minutes of laughter and poetry, invented between Montreal, New York and Berlin. A marvelous journey of initiation, for all audiences, and studded with great encounters, new inspirations and diverse influences, all in a world suspended between earth and sky and between an acoustic past and a digital future.
Enriched by this unique experience, Fills Monkey have hatched an out-of-the ordinary show with a mix of all styles of music from rock to heavy metal, and including jazz, classical, Latino and electro….
Not to mention lots of allusions to their favorite groups: AC/DC, Metallica, The Rolling Stones, U2, Offspring, Phil Collins, Mic

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