crazy alliance
crazy alliance

CRAZY ALLIANCE, it is first of all a story of friendship between a band of friends of Charleroi:, From the creation of the group, in October 2010, they decide to embark on a crazy project
The challenge is the measure of their ambition, because it is to make possible, within a single choreography, the alliance of several dance styles such as the "House", the "Hip Hop", the " Break "," Acrobatics "and" African style ". Individually, each dancer excels in his chosen field. Her choreographic inspiration, CRAZY ALLIANCE finds her by revisiting the African roots of Hip Hop dance. This choice (outside convention) is daring, and constitutes in itself a risk that the group does not hesitate to take. Because what matters above all is to think outside the box, to stand out from the canons of the kind of the big family Hip Hop
They became World Hip Hop Champion in 2012 and since then have been touring the world

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