Colby Balch
Colby Balch
Colby Balch

Hello! My name is Colby, and I was a professional flying trapeze artist for many years, traveling all over the world with the Flying Farfans and the Flying Caceres. I have also taught flying trapeze at several schools, and visited many Club Med villages as a guest artist (for a reference, please contact Adam Lambert, who used to be the chief of circus in Asia for CM, or Brandon Deets, who is currently chief of circus in Japan). I now have a family, with a wife who is a beautiful flyer, and we have three boys ages 5, 5, and 4. We would love to spend some time at various CM villages around the world, and would be interested in either short visits or longer ones, if it helps the circus team and the village. Our work (real estate investing) allows us to be flexible as far as location and working hours, so we could contribute in many ways to the team and the village atmosphere. I look forward to discussing the opportunities!

Kind regards,

ps: I also speak French and Spanish :)

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