Chris Dorleac
Chris Dorleac
Chris Dorleac

Chris Dorléac has been a professional magician since the age of 17. He is a complete artist who practices close-ups, mentalism and the stage at the same time with more than 1000 performances all over the world.
He adapts humor to his audience in a real intimate and interactive show. He manipulates objects with the unsurpassed art of letting nothing appear. With him is the reign of illusion, before our eyes ... and even in our minds.
Chris Dorléac has acquired long experience of mental manipulation. His capacities for observation, analysis and persuasion are fully expressed and it is impossible not to be captivated throughout his performances.
Chris Dorléac is also a speaker on the topic of perceptions to draw our attention to the functioning of our brain and the reasons that distort our perceptions.
Chris Dorléac performs for the biggest companies and their leaders, the political and artistic people.

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