Brandon Gebbia

Ambitious, determined and competitive.
Three words to explain a little bit who I am.
I'm a very versatile artist with many years of experience; my objective is to be considered and valued properly, to continue my career and to work with this

Recently I've collaborated with M°Pietro Salvaggio of the "Verona Arena" for his symphonic pop( famous soundtrack) project "MITO'S", than before with the symphonic orchestra I've recorded and I wrote the drum part, for the Ouverture of "Romeo & Juliet". Another important project was with the band - which I am a co-founder - "Iniqua", a progressive rock band winners of several prizes in Italy, also we were an international special guest at the famous "Schoolwave Festival" in Athens.

I've played also different genres, with a party band and for different auditions, which you can find more on my portfolio site.
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