Skills: Close up magic
Specificity: Digital Magic (interacting with iPhone/iPad)
Possibly stage magic, for short acts (5/10 minutes)

Adrien is a modern magician, evolving with the world trend. Aged of 18 years old he opened his first book about magic. Since that time, this comparatively late interest about that visual art never went away from him and quickly turned into something more than a pure hobby.

Years after years, he has improved his great magic and entertaining skills. All his energy and his talent are focused on making any random moment into an astonishment and wonder. In his point of view, magic is more than cards tricks. That is why he includes in his act digital magic! In fact, it is actually a real communicating tool. His performances are unique and tailor-made for all kinds of events. As a CMA he creates in every single performance a unique magic scenario as a smooth and delightful linkage between his act and Club Med!

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