- I have been a magician at Club Méditerranée since 2002. I am a member of many Parisian magical clubs: the FFAP "la Fédération française des artistes prestidigitateurs", the C.F.I. "le Cercle Français de l'Illusion", etc ...
- My specialty: cards, balls, ropes, scarves, coins, banknotes, rings, elastics, Chinese rings, mentalism and unusual objects in magic.
- I am a close-up specialist: ideal for cocktails, table in table, bar, casino nights.
- I make passages on stage in music with beautiful manipulations of coins, balls, Chinese rings, ropes and scarves. My magic is intimate and elegant.
-My visual gestures allow me to free myself from the language barrier when the spectators do not speak English or a Latin language.
- For my audience, I have no problem of age or generation because I practice a magic that pleases everyone: from 6 years old to over 90 years old.

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